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2018 NHLKeeperLeague Draft Procedure

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  • 2018 NHLKeeperLeague Draft Procedure

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    As we prepare for the 2018 draft I want to send out reminders on how the draft will progress. If everyone follows the process below we'll get through this efficiently.

    1. Round 1, Pick 1 will begin with the Toronto Maple Leafs. They will be on the clock as of 8am EST on July 5, 2018 and to know when their pick will expire see the section on clock times below. Picks must be entered into the NHLKeeperLeague tracking tab for the draft here; . No changes to picks can be made once the sooner of two things happen (1) 5 minutes of time has passed or (2) the next team in order has selected.

    2. After Toronto has made their selection they should Private Message (in the NHLKeeperLeague forums) to the New York Islanders and should copy me (NYRangersGM) so that I can keep track of it. From this message the clock will start for the NYI. Note: It is not from the selection of the player that the clock starts but from when this message is sent so PLEASE do not forget to PM me alongside the next player in order to make sure I start the clock.

    3. The same proceedure will be repeated for the NYI and every team selecting thereafter.

    Round 1: 24 Hours.
    Round 2-4: 12 Hours.

    *NEW* Upon expiry of the clock for ANY team the next player selected in the Real NHL 2018 Entry Draft will be assumed to be selected. Any team following an expired selection can post the pick for the previous team and then make their selection. Any team missing 3 successive picks will be deemed inactive and their team will be filled by the first available candidate.
    Inactive Teams - The following teams are already inactive; Ottawa, Dallas, LA Kings and Detroit. Inactive teams do not get a clock and immediately select the next available player from the Real NHL 2018 Entry Draft. I will send the message to the next team to inform them their pick is up.

    Player Eligibility:
    Only players listed in are eligible to be selected in the 2018 NHLKeeperLeague Entry draft.

    Trading of Picks
    1. If a pick is involved in an accepted trade by two teams the clock will pause until the trade is approved.
    2. Upon approval of a trade the clock will reset for the new owner.
    3. Is the trade is not successfully approved the clock will resume from where it left off upon the final vote voiding the trade.

    Consult the Master Spreadsheet for the updated draft order, selections and eligible players as I will be updating it there as we go along.