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    Section 1 - League Basics

    1.1 Scoring System
    This league uses the Head to Head (Points-Based) format. Fantasy teams compete against each other 1-on-1 and receive a Win, Loss or Tie each Scoring Period, depending on who has the most fantasy points. The fantasy points is determined and weighted by categories as seen below.

    1.2 Scoring Categories
    These are the stats we use and the point totals that will be used for scoring on FanTrax.

    Goals (G): 2 Points
    Assists (A): 1.5 Point
    Points (Pt): 0.25 Point
    Game Winning Goals (GWG): 3 Points
    Penalty Minutes (PIM): 0.25 Point
    Plus/Minus (+/-): 0.25 Point
    Hits (HT): 0.1 Points
    Blocked Shots (BLK): 0.1 Points

    Shutouts (SHO): 5 Points
    Wins (W): 4 Points
    Goals Against(GA): -1 Points
    Saves(S): 0.1 Points

    1.3 Salary Cap
    The salary cap for the upcoming season will be $65 million that no GM at any time can exceed. If a GM does exceed the cap at any point, they will receive a 20% cap hit on the transaction that put them over the cap. Players that have been demoted to the minor leagues or placed on IR to create roster space still will count against the total salary cap until their contract expires or they are released or traded.

    1.3(a). Long Term Injured Reserve cap relief.
    In the event that a player on your team has been officially ruled out for the regular season, a GM can, for a maximum of 1 player per season, apply for an IR exemption from the TAB. If approved, that player will be placed into IR on fantrax by the admin and will be noted on the players team page as LTIR. That players cap hit will still count towards the teams cap however, the team will be given a $1,100,000 in additional cap until the end of the season. These additional funds can only be used to sign a FA roster player to a 1-year deal or call-up a rookie from the minors on a rookie contract.

    1.4 Roster Size/Starting Lineup
    Each team must field a full roster at all times or be subject to disciplinary actions including cap hits and/or loss or degradation of draft picks. Each roster must contain at least 4C, 8W, 6D, 2G at all times, and no roster can exceed 23 active players at any one time. Players that have been demoted and approved by TAB as well as players on the IR do not count towards a roster spot.

    1.4a Minor League Roster CAP (New for 2016-17 Off Season)
    Each team will be limited to 50 Minor League Players per team. This cap will be enforced prior to the NHLKeeperLeague Entry Draft each year but can be exceeded with transactions up to the following seasons draft. Each team will be required to submit their "drop-list" in the forums prior to the start of the NHLKeeperLeague Entry Draft.
    Note: Unsigned players can be signed or dropped from a team at any time.

    1.5 Injured Reserve
    In the event that one of your players is placed on the IR (injured reserve) by their real life NHL team, you have the option to place them on your own IR and open up a roster space. Each team will have unlimited IR spots. You must keep track of IR players on your page, in a separate list similar to Paid Minors. When you put a player on IR, they are to be removed from your roster and put on this list until you remove them. They still count against the cap as all players with a contract, whether in minors or IR, count against the 65M cap.

    When the player comes off real life IR, you will have 48 hours to remove the player from your IR and make the necessary roster moves to make room for him on your roster again, or demote him to the minors.

    1.6 Team Pages (Revised for 2016-17 and on)
    Each team is encouraged to keep 3 pages: 1 for team roster/cap info, 1 for prospects and draft picks, and 1 for team transactions for that season. These pages are optional and the Master Spreadsheet ( will be held as the definitive record. Any discrepancies with the Master Spreadsheet should be sent to the commish ASAP!

    1.7 Fantrax Team Pages
    Your fantrax team page is just as important to maintain as your team page on the league forum. Make sure to update every transactions you make there as well.

    1.8 Playoffs
    Each season the playoffs begin with the 22nd Period of the year (Typically the first week of March. This year it will be March 9, 2015 - March 15, 2015).
    Playoffs will run for the next 4 successive periods over 5 weeks.
    The top 2 teams from each division (Central, Pacific,Metro, Atlantic) will be guaranteed a playoff spot and top 4 seed.
    The 4 remaining teams per conference (Eastern, Western) will gain "Wildcard spots" leaving a total of 8 teams per conference making the playoffs. Teams will be ranked using the following categories; team record, total fantasy points for, head to head total fantasy points for.
    Seeding will be as follows (a) The 4 division winners will occupy the #1-#4 spot using the criteria stated in above. (b) The wild card teams will be ranked #5-8 using the same above system.
    The match-ups will be conference based as follows;
    Round 1: #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5
    Round 2: Reseeded based on initial rankings (eg. If the winners are the #1, #7, #6 and #4 ranked teams the second round will be #1 vs #7, #4 vs #6)
    Round 3: Conference Final will be the remaining two winning teams.
    Round 4: Stanley Cup Final will be a face-off between the two conference final winners and will last 2 weeks.

    Section 2 - Transactions

    2.1 Trades (Updated for 2016-17 Off Season)
    Any roster player, prospect, or draft pick that you own can be traded. When posting a trade, please include player's name, position, and any contract info [Player A, LW $1,000,000 (2011)]. If it's a prospect, all you need to do is post the player's name and position and put the word "prospect" in parenthesis after it [Player A, LW (prospect)]. If you are trading a draft pick, please include the year and round of the pick, as well as the team who the pick belongs to [2010 1st Round Pick (NYR)], or if the draft order has been determined, use the draft pick number [2010 1st Round Pick, #10 (NYR)].

    Each trade must receive both a majority and at minimum 5 positive votes from any GM not involved in the trade in order for it to pass. If the majority (at minimum 5) deny the deal, you are allowed to re-work it. If the trade puts you over the cap it will be vetoed automatically by any TAB member.

    2.1(a) Trade Deadline and Trade Freeze

    In Season Trade Deadline - The trade deadline will match the actual NHL's trade deadline extended to the end of the day. Example. In 2015 the NHL trade deadline will be Monday March 2, 2015 @ 3pm. In this league then the trade deadline will be Monday, March 2, 2015 @ Midnight Eastern Standard Time. In order to qualify as a valid trade it must be posted and confirmed by both GM's prior the Midnight Eastern Standard Time deadline.

    Trades will be available at all times outside of the trade free which starts with the trade deadline. The trade freeze period each year will run from the trade deadline to the end of regular season NHL games (inclusive).

    2.1(b). Salary Cap Retention (in trades)
    Any GM may hold back salary in a trade under the following conditions;
    (i) the maximum amount of salary retained is the lesser of 50% of their existing contract or $5,000,000.
    (ii) any GM wishing to retain salary cannot retain more than $5,000,000 total on all retained contracts
    (iii) any GM wishing to have salary retained in a deal cannot exceed a maximum of $5,000,000 in total retained contracts.
    (iv) all retained contracts are tracked both on the "retained salary" board under trades and on that GM's roster page.

    2.2 Free Agency
    Free Agency closes on each trade deadline date and will open each summer after the re-sign period on the 1st Sunday in August. The free agent list will consist of players who are not re-signed by their teams, players who were successfully bought out, undrafted prospects who were drafted by the 6 contracted teams: New Jersey Devils, Winnipeg Jets, Arizona Coyotes, Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames, San Jose Sharks, as well as CHL, NCAA and international free agents who are free agents in real life. FREE AGENTS DO NOT NEED TO SIGN WITH A REAL LIFE TEAM IN ORDER FOR YOU TO SIGN THEM, however if you do sign them and they don't get a real life contract, you're still on the hook for their contract for the life of the contract.

    We will have specific guidelines for free agent bidding:
    First and foremost, bids CANNOT exceed 4 years in length, and each successive bid with the same term must be at least $250,000 more than the previous bid to be considered a legitimate high bid.

    The way to calculate your bid will be the same as last year. You add the amount of years with the contract amount to give you your "point total."

    Example: Rangers offer 4 years @ $1 million = 5 pts
    Example: Rangers offer 2 years @ 3.25 million = 5.25 pts

    We will also have a minimum bid for each player based on the amount of years of NHL experience they have. A full NHL season is defined as 25+ games in a season. This amount of years is from the beginning of the player's career, and not the beginning of this league. The minimum bids are as follows:

    0 years: $500,000
    1 year: $750,000
    2-3 years: $800,000
    4-6 years: $900,000
    7-9 years: $1.000,000
    10+ years: $1.100,000

    This chart is also used for re-signs and unpaid prospect callups - see 2.3 and 2.4

    2.2a Free Agency Initial Bidding
    In order to allow all GM's to have an opportunity to bid on a player at the start of free agency the first resigns will not be able to take place 7 days after the opening of the window. Once the window has expired any players whose bids have been unopposed for 24-hours will close. Eg. 1 - Player A is bid on starting the first day of free agency and receives numerous bids over the next few days but sits unattested for 24 hours as of the expiration of the 7-day window, this player will be signed as of the opening of the window. Eg. 2. - Player B is offered an initial bid 2-days before the expiry of the buyout window and this offer sits uncontested for 24 hours, this player will also be signed as of the expiration of the 7-day window. Eg. 3. Player C has an initial bid placed 2 hours before the expiration window, the earliest this offer can close is 24 hours later IF the bid is not contested. Eg. 4 - Any player offered a contract after the 7-day windows has expired will close 24 hours after the last uncontested bid has been placed.

    2.2b Exceeding the Cap in FA
    Any GM who places a bid which exceeds the cap (upon closing of a 24-hour uncontested bid) will forfeit their bid. The next highest bidder will be offered the player at the salary they offered and if they decline the player will re-enter free agency and a new offer can be made by any GM.

    2.3 Re-Signs
    Any player who's contract expires at the end of the current season can be re-signed. This includes unpaid prospects who lose their call up eligibility (2.5). The contract offers must fall in line with the free agency (2.2) bidding guidelines, and must be approved by the TAB in the manor that trades are approved. You will post what you believe is a fair re-sign amount for the player, and the TAB will vote on whether or not it is fair value for said player. You will have 3 opportunities to re-sign the player, if you are unable to "reach an agreement" with the player, he becomes a free agent and you will be unable to bid on him in free agency.

    2.4 Call-Ups
    Any prospect who is called up with less than 25 career NHL regular season games played will receive a contract of $500,000 for 4 seasons. If the player has 25+ NHL games in one or more regular seasons, we will use the free agent experience chart in section 2.2 to determine their contract.

    If the player has less than 25 career NHL regular season games, the 4 year term starts from the season the unpaid prospect is called up on. If the unpaid prospect has 25 and over career games played, the 4 year term will start from the season the player hit the 25 career game mark.

    Example: Player reached 25 career games in 10/11 but is called up in 13/14 - his 4 year entry level contract will start from 10/11 despite being called up in 13/14 and finish at the end of that 2013/2014 season.
    Example: Player had 24 career games by the time he was called up in 13/14 - his 4 year entry level contract will start from 13/14 and end 4 years from it at the end of the 2016/2017 season.

    2.5 Prospect Eligibility Limit
    Once 4 seasons pass from a unpaid prospect reaching 25 career games, he will lose call-up eligibility and become re-sign eligible as if he's an UFA to be.

    Example: Radulov reached 25 career games in 06/07. Therefore, the term of his 4 year ELC would start from that year and last 4 years:

    Regardless of where Radulov was called up or not, he will be up for re-sign in 2010. This will be the case for every unpaid player in the future. If not re-signed, they will be released into UFA as you would any player you don't re-sign.

    2.6 Send Downs (Updated as per 2016-17 Off Season Rule Changes)
    You can send down as many players to your minor league system as you'd like as long as your NHL roster is compliant with enough players. There are two ways to send a player down without using waivers:

    1) Rookie Rule - Any player with less than 100 NHL regular reason Games player can be sent down to the minors without passing through waivers.
    Any player that you send to the minor still counts towards your salary cap for the life of his contract and must be reflected on your roster page as "Paid Minors."

    2.7 Waiver Demotion and Buyouts
    You can also place a player on waivers, but he can be claimed by any other team who is cap and roster space compliant within 24 hours. If more than one team places a claim, the team who is lowest on the Waiver Claim Priority List.

    If the player is not claimed, there are two options you have:

    1) Send to Minors - Send the player to the minors, and absorb the contract to open up a roster spot.

    2) Buyouts - Release the player with a 40% cap hit for the life of his contract. Please specify in your initial post whether you'd like him to be released or sent to the minors if he clears waivers and post the player's contract info as well. The TAB will determine the cap hit, please do not calculate it yourself. It will be posted upon the player clearing waivers and that being confirmed by the TAB.

    Players that are bought out by a team cannot be signed as UFA by same team.

    Example: Rangers place Player A $1,000,000 (201x) on waivers with the intent to release.

    Example: Rangers place Player A $1,000,000 (201x) on waivers with the intent to demote to my minors if he clears.

    2.7 (a) Special Buyout

    A GM may use the Special Buyout to receive a 20% buyout penalty for the full remaining term of any given contract (vs the standard 40%) on any inherited players on their team who have had their contracts terminated for any of the following reasons;
    (i) an NHL buyout
    (ii) official retirement
    (iii) departure to the KHL
    (iv) have had their contracts terminated for any other reason (legal trouble, drugs, etc.)

    Standard buyout procedure will take place and terms for resigning will still apply for special buyouts. This rule will take effect starting June 1, 2015 and will not be applicable retroactively from that date. If the buyout has not taken place within the "Special Buyout window" defined below it will be assumed that the GM has forfeited their right to the special buyout and a standard buyout of the player would be required.

    "Inherited contract" - a player who was signed to your NHL team at the start of the league and whose contract was assumed.
    "Special Buyout Window" the buyout of the player in NHLKEEPERLEAGUE must take place within; 2 weeks of the date of the NHL Buyout, 2 weeks from the date of this ruling being installed, or 2 weeks from date the GM took ownership of the team, whichever is the most applicable.

    2.8 "New GM" Amnesty clause

    Upon entrance of a new GM to the league (to take over for another vacant GM only), the team taken over will be awarded 1 amnesty buyout with the following conditions;
    1) Player must be on roster when GM takes over
    2) Must be used within first 7 days of him taking over the team
    3) The player bought out cannot be resigned by the same GM for at minimum a 12 month period from Amnesty date.

    Section 3 - NHL KEEPER LEAGUE Draft

    3.1 Draft Basics
    The draft will consist of 4 rounds with the same order for each round, and each team will have 14 hours to make their pick. If your pick is skipped, the next person will be allowed to make their pick, and so on down the line. You will still be allowed to make your pick, but it will only be from the remaining players available. At the end of each round, missed picks will be assigned according to highest available NHL draftee remaining.

    3.2 Draft Date
    Each season, we will hold an entry draft like the NHL on July 5th.

    3.3 Draft Order Determination
    The order will be determined by the preceding season's league standings. The 8 non-playoffs will get the top 8 picks with the last place team getting 1st overall. The rest of the order will be reliant on the playoff results - exactly like the 6 division NHL format. The final 4 teams in the playoffs will end up with the final 4 picks in the draft (champion gets 24th, runner-up 23rd, best record 22nd, remaining team 21st). Division winners who didn't make final four will be the next set of picks starting from the 20th with worst record getting higher pick. The remaining picks will go to the eliminated non division winners in order of worst at 9th overall to best record. Order is subject to being changed if deemed to be obtained in an unethical manner - see Section 4.

    3.4 Draft Eligible Players
    Will only consist of players who are draft eligible and drafted in that season's NHL draft ONLY.

    3.5 Undrafted Players Assignment
    Players that were not selected in the NHL Keeper League draft but were selected in the NHL entry draft will be awarded to those teams that took them in real life. Note: The Hartford Whalers will inherit picks from the Carolina Hurricanes.

    Example: John Doe was taken 7th round by the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL but wasn't selected by any team in NHL Keeper League's draft. The Montreal Canadiens in the NHL Keeper League will be awarded John Doe.

    3.6 Undrafted Players that become UFA
    Players who were not taken in the NHL KEEPER LEAGUE draft that were drafted by the NHL teams to be determined in the NHL draft don't have a team here to award players to due to contraction. These will become UFAs and can be signed when UFA opens.

    3.7 Draft Picks Available for Trade
    Only two seasons worth of future draft picks can be traded. Eg. Once the 2017 draft is completed picks for 2019 will become available for trade.

    3.8 Draft Tracking (New for 2016-17 Off Season)
    The Master Draft Spreadsheet ( will be held as the definitive record. Any discrepancies with the Master Draft Spreadsheet should be sent to the commish ASAP!

    Section 4 - Tanking/Unethical Conduct Rules

    4.1 Anti-Tanking
    If a team is not fielding full/best lineup at all times on purpose to obtain a higher pick (ie. leaving injured players in over healthy players, benching star players for plugs, purposely having invalid roster, benching to avoid games so that no one collects points, having less than the minimum required number of players, failure to call-up a contributing "NHL ready" prospect., etc) they are subject to penalties including cap hits and/or loss of draft picks.

    Rule 4.1(a).
    For the purposes of rule 4.1 the following definitions will apply;
    "contributing" will be defined as achieving 1 ftps/game average.
    "NHL ready" will be defined as having played in 10 regular season NHL games and being ineligible for NHL junior demotion clause.

    Rule 4.1(a.i).
    In the event that the "failure to call-up a contributing "NHL ready" prospect" rule is pursued by TAB and results in the call-up of a player the following additional clause will be added to their contract (at the discretion and responsibility of the owning GM only); "this players entry level contract can be extended for 1 full year in the event that they are injured and are unable to play a minimum of 25 NHL regular season games before the end of their call-up year."

    4.2 Miscellaneous
    Abusing the system through loopholes/cheating on the forum or on fantrax to get an advantage is subject to disciplinary action up to and including cap hit, loss of draft pick(s) OR removal from league.

    4.3 Respect Among Peers
    This is meant to be a fun environment where everyone feels welcome. As such, everyone is expected to be respectful to your fellow GM. Disagreements should not be dealt with with insults and other petty means publicly or via PMs. Zero tolerance will be given for those continuously disturbing the peace. If there is such a situation, PM the TAB and it will be dealt with.

    Section 5 - Resigning Rubric

    Consistency definition: Consistency will effect the minimum you can offer the player, the more consistent the higher the minimum you can offer. The most recent season will hold the highest relevance, if the player played less than 41 games then the most most recent season he had 41+ will be considered as most recent (this will all be considered in the variables in voting the range). The consistency will determine how often he's produced at that level in the past (ie. 1.5fpts/game last season, had another ~1.5fpts/game season 3 years ago = consistency of 2). The most recent 4 seasons will be the cap for this, any production before that is deemed out of date (so production from before 10/11 season will be considered irrelevant).

    Term: 1-2 years is considered short term, 3-4 is considered long term. Variables will be a consensus vote but the idea is to give GMs an idea what the max a player would receive and the min they can offer short and long term.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Rubric 1.jpg
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Size:	49.8 KB
ID:	17118

    Basically you offer a contract based on production and minimum allowed for that production/consistency. The term section shows what the maximum that production and consistency can get for that term. TAB votes taking into consideration all the variables on whether the offer is market value using the range provided. If the consensus is the player has high upside and liklihood to repeat/improve, the vote will be for the higher end of the range. If the player is consensus-ly deemed to have reached upside/too much risk/etc, the cap hit will be voted to be on the lower end.

    Rubric 2 to cover the rest highly unproven youth that doesn't fit rubric one experience criteria:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Rubric 2.jpg
Views:	40
Size:	40.8 KB
ID:	17119


    RFA/UFA will be starting on July 15 12:00am

    I first would like to thank the Leafs GM for making the Rubric. This is a excellent tool. We will start using it this year as a trial for the first year. This will allow us to work out any kinks if any before adding to our rules.
    All skater resigns can use the rubric. This should make the process easier. However because this is still a trial period it may be subject to change based on TAB opinion. As all resigns will still have to be voted through with 3 approvals.

    This leaves the goalies. Goalies were always going to be more difficult, but again this will have the same process of 3 TAB approval votes or 3 denies. See below the Goalie Rubric;

    Goalie Rubric
    Tier Total Fpts Salary Min Salary Max Notes
    8 240+ $8,500,000 No Max
    7 225-240 $8,000,000 $8,500,000
    6 200-225 $7,500,000 $8,000,000
    5 175-200 $7,000,000 $7,500,000
    4 150-175 $5,000,000 $7,000,000
    3 100-150 $2,500,000 $5,000,000
    2 50-100 $1,500,000 $2,500,000 Max 2-year contract
    1 Less than 50 $1,000,000 $1,500,000 Max 2-year contract
    * Rubric was based on 2014-15 fpts totals and will be adjusted as necessary in future (if required). In 2014-15 there was 1 x Tier 8 goalie, 1 x Tier 7 goalie, 3 x Tier 6 goalies, 4 x Tier 5 goalies, 6 x Tier 4 goalies, 6 x Tier 3 goalies, 12 x Tier 2 Goalies and 20+ x Tier 1 Goalies.


    We will also have a minimum bid for each player based on the amount of years of NHL experience they have. A full NHL season is defined as 25+ games in a season. This amount of years is from the beginning of the player's career, and not the beginning of this league. The minimum bids are as follows:

    0 years: $500,000
    1 year: $750,000
    2-3 years: $800,000
    4-6 years: $900,000
    7-9 years: $1.000,000
    10+ years: $1.100,000
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    2015-16 Off Season ONLY Changes

    "Renegotiation Clause"

    Upon completion of the 2015-16 league season each team will have the opportunity to preform up to 3 salary "renegotiations".

    A "renegotiation" can be preformed if all of the the following conditions are met;
    1(a) The contract must be an original NHL contract which was set when the league began. (That contract could have been traded between NHLKEEPERLEAGUE teams, waived, etc. as long as it is still valid in the league and on their original contract) with no retained salary (unless condition 1a.i is met).
    1(a.i) Contracts can only be renegotiated for a player which has any salary retained in any league deals if all teams involved in the retention of the deal agree to use one of their 3 "renegotiations" on that player. In that event, the teaming owning the players contract will agree to new terms of the deal and the team retaining salary will receive full relief of the salary obligation.
    1(b) the contract has not been nullified via buyout, special buyout or other contract terminations.

    A "renegotiation" includes exclusively the ability to do one of the following;
    2(a) void the existing contract, retain the rights, and attempt to resign the player using the standard process during the resign period.
    2(b) void the contract in question and release the player to free agency

    1. This will be a one-time-only allowance, it will not be a permanent rule added to the league and will not be offered again. All "renegotiations" of contracts must be posted and approved prior to the resign window on June 1, 2016. Any team not using their renegotiation allowance will have them voided come June 1, 2016.
    2. Similar to amnesty buyouts each team will be required to post their proposed renegotiated contracts for review to a new forum folder to be created called "Renegotiation" which will be created at the end of the season.
    3. Renegotiated contracts will need to be listed on your team page for future reference.
    4. The Commish and TAB reserve the right to set in place renegotiations for unowned or unmanaged teams to ensure league parity.
    5. Any trades involving renegotiated players immediately after resigning will be heavily scrutinized and require proper value going both ways. It is not the intention for these renegotiations to allow teams to access more than the allotted 3 renegotiations per team.
    6. Renegotiations cannot be rescinded should the resign amount not be satisfactory to the GM resigning.
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      2016-17 Off Season Only Changes


      a. Disband PHI and release all their signed players to Free Agency. (see note "b" below for exception)

      b. Create a New Team "Vegas Golden Knights" which imports all unsigned prospects and draft picks from the disbanded teams and now acquires unselected players in our draft from Vegas in future NHL drafts. 1 player from the team that was disbanded with their previous contract status will be retained as selected by the new Vegas GM.

      c. Hold an "Expansion Draft" of 23 rounds
      - This expansion draft would take place on June 21, 2017 as close to the NHL's expansion draft as possible and require each team to;
      i. Each existing team can protect 7 Forwards, 3 Defencemen and 2 Goalies or teams can choose to protect any 8 skaters and 2 goalies to protect. Unsigned prospects and players in the first two years of their entry deals (ie. $500k or 750k deals expiring in 2019 or later) are automatically protected. Note: Exposed players can be signed or unsigned at the time of the expansion draft. 1 week prior to the draft each team will need to post their list of protected players in a new Forum called "Expansion Draft Protected List". Failure to do so will result in the Commissioner protecting players for you based on his judgement.
      ii. The existing PHI GM, will draft 1 player from each of the 23 teams submitting his choice by end of day June 21st.
      iii. Vegas will compete as a member of the league for 2017-18 and be put into the division of the team that was disbanded for balance.
      Note: Expansion Draft Picks can be traded like regular draft picks to acquire other resources, etc. but at the end of the Expansion draft "Vegas" must have a minimum roster of 8F, 6D and 2G and be within the salary cap.

      In an effort to increase league communication NHLKeeperLeague will officially adopt the following Facebook page as their second home for communication, trash talking, etc.


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        NYRangersGM is there a provision for draft eligible players that went undrafted in the NHL draft? These guys will be draft eligible again next year as overagers and could be drafted at that time. My question is, what if a team were to sign one of them in Free Agency? The rules on our league don't specifically rule them out bit also don't mention the potentially awkward situation of having such a player drafted high next year. As a high pick, he would obviously be sought after in the NHLKL draft, but would already be on a team.

        Given that there is nothing in the rules prohibiting it, it seems to me a team could sign draft eligible players who went undrafted. They wouldn't be eligible in the NHLKL draft the following year, even if they were drafted by an NHL team.

        florida roster


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          There isn't a written rule but draft eligible players shouldn't be eligible for signing in FA. I'll throw something up in the TAB forums and we'll get it added to the rules. This would be an absolute mess if we let it happen.


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            Agreed. I ran across an article that had a short list of undrafted players, and I considered offering a couple of them FA contracts, that's what triggered the question.
            florida roster