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Petition to Change Name to Hartford Whalers

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  • Petition to Change Name to Hartford Whalers

    okay guys,

    i know this is a stretch. newbie making a petition. but i'm from connecticut, i moved there when i was 4 years old (currently 29). my mother still lives there. i had season tickets as a kid until they moved. they are the reason i fell in love with and played hockey all my life. i played goalie, and we had seats behind the whalers' net. sean burke, js giguere, these guys were everything to me. when they moved, i was beyond devastated. the whale have a soft spot in my heart.

    i ask, nay deplore you to consider a formal change of the Carolina Hurricanes organization back to the Hartford Whalers. just look at my keychain. I've had that little guy forever. please consider this move.

    there will be no hard feelings if this petition does not pass. i completely understand. too good of an opportunity to pass up, and i've enjoyed this league in the brief period of time that i've been here. thanks for letting me in!

    the whalers gm

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    I've put a post in the TAB forum for discussion. If nobody can find a reason not to do it I will make it happen.


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      Hey Rags. I don't see the tab forum...


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        can you see it now?


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          Petition approved by the TAB.
          I'll be making all the changes now.